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Week 1 Apprentice Quiz

If a player is injured, and his team has fewer than 11 players, the game is immediately forfeited.*
If a team on offense has fewer than ten players on the field, then they do not need to have seven players on the line.*
A substitute becomes a player when he enters the huddle, or enters a formation.*
A ball is live only during a down.*
A dead ball can only become live by a legal snap, or a free kick.*
The line of scrimmage and the neutral zone are established with the ball is declared ready for play.*
After the ready for play, once the snapper touches the ball, he may remove both hands from the ball*
Encroachment may be a live ball foul.*
After the ball is marked ready for play, each player of team A who participated in the previous down and each substitute of team A must have been, momentarily, between the nine-yard marks before the snap*
When a false start occurs just before the snap, the official shall sound his whistle immediately.*
A false start is always a dead ball foul.*
An interior lineman in a four-point stance may lift one hand as long as he is set for one second prior to the snap.*
After leaving a huddle, all members of team A must stop and be motionless as a unit for at least one second prior to the snap.*
There cannot be an illegal shift unless the ball is snapped.*
After team A is set for one second, A26 goes in motion and during the motion A82 drops from hands on knees to a 3-point stance, only A 82 needs to be set for one second prior to the snap.*
One of the requirements for being on the offensive line is that the lineman's head or foot must break an imaginary plane drawn parallel to the line of scrimmage through the waistline of the snapper prior to the snap.*
Team B players may be anywhere on or behind the line of scrimmage.*
Illegal motion is a foul at the snap.*
Any movement by A7 that simulates action at the snap is a false start.*